Ohio School Facilities Commission Rules and Statutes



The Ohio School Facilities Commission is governed by Title 33, Chapter 3318 of the Ohio Revised Code and other sections referenced within that Title and Chapter.

Ohio Revised Code / Administrative Code
All Code Sections
Chapter 3318                              Education

Administrative Rules
3318-1-01                                    Prioritizing school facility funding for cooperative agreements

3318-2-01                                    Commission Members
3318-2-02                                    Meetings
3318-2-03                                    Notices of Meetings to Public
3318-2-04                                    Procedure for Consideration of Projects
3318-2-05                                    Procedure for Consideration of Contracts

3318-3-01                                    Community School Guaranteed Loan Program
3318-3-02                                    Career Technical School Building Assistance

3318-4-01                                    Basic Project Costs (Incorporated By Reference material)
3318-4-02                                    Project Budget Development and Adjustments

3318-5-01                                    Enrollment Increase
3318-5-02                                    Waiver of Two-Thirds Guideline

3318-5-03                                    Variance from the Design Manual
3318-5-04                                    Limitations on Funding for Renovation

3318-6-01                                    Vocational Facilities Expedited Local Partnership Program

3318-7-01                                    Definitions
3318-7-02                                    Procedures for accessing confidential personal information
3318-7-03                                    Valid reasons for accessing confidential personal information
3318-7-04                                    Confidentiality Statutes
3318-7-05                                    Restricting and logging access to confidential personal information

3318-8-01                                    Eligibility requirements
3318-8-02                                    Acquisition of classroom facilities
3318-8-03                                    Program procedure for application and approval
3318-8-04                                    Classroom facilities acquisition agreement